Interview with Zoe Murdock re: To Leonard With Love 


To Smitty and Julija, With Love

by Zoe Murdock


Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the great pleasure of listening to Smitty West and Julija Zonic’s new CD, To Leonard, With Love: Seven Songs from Leonard Cohen.


I’ve listened to the songs of Leonard Cohen for years, and have always been struck by the way they open my heart and mind to something deeply human and authentic. The seven songs on this tribute album from Smitty West and Julija Zonic are some of his most powerful songs in terms of that…

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Da Blues! 

Smitty releases his latest song "Persistant Vegetative Blues" it on the MUSIC section

Coyote Moon 

Coyote Night by Zoe Murdock It was late when Scott awoke to the sound of coyotes yipping. They were usually in the river basin behind the house, but tonight they sounded closer, and there were more of them, making a real raucous about something. He decided he’d better check it out. He pulled on his pants, grabbed his sandals, and slipped quietly out of the bedroom trying not to wake Betsy. When he got downstairs, the coyotes were so loud he wondered if they were out by the coop where he kept his…

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SMITTY WEST—3 SONGS NOMINATED FOR MAVRIC MUSIC AWARD I returned from a wonderful tour of the beautiful country of Lebanon to hear that three of my songs had been nominated for the 2008 MAVRIC awards. In case you haven’t heard of them, MAVRIC awards “Music Awards for Ventura and Independent Creations” recognize Ventura County creative music talent in an awards ceremony held at the Thousand Oaks Civic Center. This year’s awards night is Sunday, February 22nd, 2009. Online voting counts for 20% of…

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CD Release Concert and Landmine Victim Benefit 

I'm really happy to be announcing my CD Release Concert. I'm even happier that the producer, Shane Butler of Ojai Concert Series, has agreed to stage this show as a benefit for a cause I hold close to my heart: the support of landmine victims. Here's the scoop: Tuesday Oct 28th 7pm TICKET Costs: $10 advance, $12 @ door, or $20 including pre-show dinner Smitty West "CD Release Concert" and Benefit for Landmine Victims PLEASE GET YOUR TICKETS SOON. THE SHOW IS ALREADY 1/2 SOLD FROM ADVANCE…

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Wasilla Girl on National Radio 

Astonishing! All the work I do on serious music and "Wasilla Girl" has more hits than everything I've done combined! Don't get worried about my politics....I'd do a video about Biden, but he's not very funny!

Smitty Interview on Radio Ojai 

Smitty Interviewed by Radio Ojai's Lisa Snider on his new album, his ranch, and landmine action.

"Sandman" chosen as Indie Rock Top Ten! 

The biting lyrical commentary in Smitty West's tirade at ignorance and prejudice in his song "Sandman" has led to a listing in The 'Top 10' in Indie Rock at a leading review site Each month, Music Critic Mike Cameo publishes the top ten Independent music songs....In his words, "The Top 10 represents what we consider the best Independent Music sites available for artists and bands. These are sites that have a great standing with Indie musicians and do well in tracking who's being listened to, allowing…

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