1. Posiblemente

From the recording Posiblemente


Smitty West

Its cold up here above the border.
So I went down and asked the guard..
Can I cross and go below?
Maybe si. Maybe no.
Posiblemente. I like that word.

I warmed up to a cold cerveza.
Its getting toward siesta time.
A senorita I did spy.
I smiled at her. She winked her eye.
Posiblemente Im in love!

Posiblemente down below.
Posiblemente above.
Posiblemente Im in love.

She took me to her family.
It sure was quite a crowd.
Her sister did a dance for me.
Her cousin brushed against my knee.
Posiblemente Im in love!

Im a kid in a shop of candy.
My tummys smaller than my eye.
But Papa made the choice no fun.
Down the barrel of his gun.
Posiblemente, Im gonna cry!

Now thats all ancient history.
A month of Sundays have passed real slow.
I never thought, I never planned
To run the family taco stand.
Posiblemente, Ive found a home.

I was ordering a bite at a taco stand at a sleepy fishing village in Mexico, when a gringo walked up to take my order. He seemed SO out of place, a stereotype New York Jewish man: Black hair, big nose, Brooklyn accent, and sweating profusely in the tropical heat and humidity.

He told me his story, a story that has been told countless times in cultures all around the world: Boy travels to new country. Boy falls in love with native girl. Native girls father calls shotgun wedding. Boy finds new home.

I wanted to write a song titled Posiblemente, which translates to maybe in English. Mexico used to be the land of Manana, theres always tomorrow to get it done. Ive noticed that as the country has developed economically over the past few decades that my requests are more often answered with a polite Posiblemente than Manana.

Thank goodness that this wonderful country is not the land of I want it yesterday! thats so prevalent in more and more places.

So I killed two birds with one stone with this song, combining the story of a young man falling in love south of the border with a big maybe

Thanks to my Mexican friends Urbano and Mercedes for providing the hilarious background dialogue.

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitars, Bass, Mandolin Jim Monahan
Piano, Drum Programming Trumpet, Accordion Scott Smith
Backup Vocals Jim Monahan
Spanish Voices Urbano Hernandez
Mercedes Ortiz
Produced by Jim Monahan
Recording and Mixing Brad Dawson