From the recording Waiting For You


Waiting For You

In my dreams youre sitting right here next to me.
But when I wake up I see that youre not here.
Ive been waiting for the day, thinking about the way
That your endless love keeps me hanging on.
I only hope that endless lasts forever.
Waitin for you

In my dreams, the moonlight looks for your eyes.
The golden sunlight searches for your smile.
Got the gentle cool breeze blowing through the trees
Coming down to linger in your hair.
The beauty of my world can wait forever.
Waitin for you

I left you cryingthere was no one around.
I see the teardrops...petalsscattered on the ground.

October leaves will fall and fall forever.
Seasons spin, and the years will come and go.
But Ill wait until the leaves have fallen off the trees
And theyre buried deep under the snow.
I only know that Ill be here forever
Waitin for you

I originally wrote this song as a rock ballad, but when my co-producer, Scott Luedke, got his hands on it, he immediately had a better idea. He knew renowned drummer Larry Aberman from work they did together at DW Drums here in Ventura Couty. Larry had a cool beat that Scott affectionately called the Abershuffle. He thought it would be a more modern sound that fit the story well.

Well, we ran Larry down in Las Vegas, and we collaborated over the Internet wire-ways. It worked so well, I ended up using Larry on most of my songs.

Scott liked the song so much he insisted on singing it too. Nice job.

Written by Smitty West and Scott Luedke
Sung by Scott Luedke
Guitars, Bass, Synth Scott Luedke
Drums Larry Aberman
Piano Scott Smith
Produced, Recorded, Mixed Scott Luedke