1. Baja Dream

From the recording Baja Dream


Baja Dream

Water mirrors the hillsides.
Sun dips in the sea.
Go to sleep.
Desert breeze.
Cool and clean.
Baja dream.

Seabird is calling to no one.
No one calls now to me.
She rides on.
Free, but gone.
Leaves on the stream.
Baja dream.

Like a cactus, fighting to flower.
Petals, dried out and tossed.
Cast away.
It’s an old cliché,
That I’m better to have loved and to have lost.

Somewhere there’s a spring in the desert.
I want to float in that stream.
Drift away.
So, I pray:
Carry me.
Baja dream.

Coastal Baja California is one of my favorite “get away from it all” places. There’s a secret spot about a half-day’s drive south of the border with good surfing, fantastic sunsets, and nobody else around. Gorgeous desert, blue Pacific, coastal mountains, and that’s about it. The food is great… hand-picked cold water mussels grilled over the fire or boiled in beer.

Sorry, I can’t tell you where it is. Find your own secret spot.

Watching the sky on fire at sunset and half asleep, this song came to me. It’s a lullaby in three-quarters time, with that circling seagull, calling to no one.

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitars, Bass, Mandolin Jim Monahan
Drums Larry Aberman
Piano, Flute, Cello, Synth Scott Smith
Backup Vocals Jim Monahan
Produced by Jim Monahan
Recording Engineer Brad Dawson
Mixing Engineer Scott Luedke