1. Sayulita

From the recording Sayulita



Oh Sayulita, mi senorita.
Te encanta cantar.

You came to me in an afternoon dream, and the sky on fire.
Your dark body sways, commanding the music to start.
Enchanted by passion, your song casts a spell in the twilight.
The cool evening air cannot quench the fire in my heart.

The days melt away and the evening, I pray, will go on and on.
Into the hours when only your voice fills the night.
Te amo, I plead, as your song goes higher and higher.
But in your dark eyes there burns an unreachable light.

I know not whether the future can ever release my love.
For now I know clearly, your song was never for me.
The flame in your heartI see now that no man can own it.
El canto del maryou only can sing to the sea.

One of my favorite get-aways is a small fishing village in Mexico with soft sand, warm surf, hot music, flaming sunsets, and beautiful, friendly people. I asked one of my local friends how the town got its name, Sayulita. He told me it was just a namea name for a woman, but no specific woman.

I was inspired to write a love song to Sayulita. She may or may not really exist, but my image of her beauty and passion blend with the sensuality of the town as she sings her song of love.

Gracias to Debbie Brooks for conjuring forth the mysterious and passionate song of Sayulita.