1. Sequoia

From the recording Sequoia


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I was born to this forest floor
Rising here before the hand of man.
Your lifetimes just a breath.
A thousand yearsan hour of falling sand.

Selfish striking hordes lay on
Tearing at my flesh.
I stand alone beneath my proud green crown
Facing your machines
Im stuck in stone.

Why the hell you came here, I dont know.
I stand and I wait for the blow.

Pride gives you false power.
Blades tear down my tower.
A fortune for your small-minded dreams.
Nobody hears my silent screams.

Its all for a stack of Sunday Times
Or a thousand fallen fence posts.
You forgotIm coming back
as a redwood coffin for your rot!

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Toy Guitar Jim Monahan
Drums Larry Aberman
Piano Scott Smith
Backup Vocals Julija Zonic Jim Monahan
Produced by Jim Monahan
Scott Luedke
Recording Engineer Scott Luedke
Mixing Engineer Scott Luedke