1. It Ain't Mine

From the recording It Ain't Mine


It Aint Mine

Coyote, loping through the night.
Im thinking, Man, youve got it right!
Cause when the light goes pink on the mountain range.
And weve just had our short exchange.
I start feeling a little strange.
Because its your world, it aint mine

The clean air, floats like sweet perfume.
Behind me, the smell of the baby boom.
But when the lilac and the sage combine
And drift around this place divine,
I nod and say to old cloud nine,
Its your world, it aint mine

Hey Sunshine, warming up my day.
Youre burning, but I still feel okay.
But when the night air drops down a few degrees
And the moon shines blue through the silent trees.
The nighttime gives no guarantees, because
Its your world, it aint mine.


I really love living in Ojai, where the people are not in charge. The famous pink moment at sunset. The essence of sagebrush , or coyote cologne. The dismissive look on the coyotes face when you cross his path, What choo you lookin at, dude?

Thanks to Jim Monahan for bringing drive and originality to the production with his acoustic guitar and trademark Telecaster.