1. My Piano

From the recording My Piano


My Piano

Touch me, touch my fingers.
Hold me, hold my hands.
Soothe me, soothe my sorrows.
Help me understand.

In this world of broken promises
Its hard to let it go.
Youre my friend.
You are my love.
You are my piano.

Tell me that Im okay.
When they have me wrong.
Your voice comforts my heart.
Sing me your sweet song.

In this world of silent lies
I hear your crescendo.
Youre my friend.
You are my love.
You are my piano.

You and I, we share the same language.
But we dont need the words to sing our song.
Were sitting at a table set for only you and me.
If music be the food of love, play on!

My feet move your pedals.
My hands hold your keys.
Your sweet strings ring in my soul.
You help my life ease.

In this world of burned-out light
I see your ivory glow.
Youre my friend.
You are my love.
You are my piano.

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, I took piano lessons for many years from a kindly old man named Frank Kennedy.

Sometime around the age of 12, I started to experience that day-dreamy, out of body sensation that many musicians feel while playing. Even when playing while reading sheet music, Id find myself at the end of a piece and would stop and wonder how I had managed to play the whole piece while thinking about nothing at all. I mentioned this to Mr. Kennedy, and he just smiled and nodded.

It wasnt until years later as an adult with grown-up stresses, I realized what a wonderful gift I had been given.to be able to check out at the piano. The only way I can describe this feeling is that its like the experience of new lovethat feeling that nothing else matters in the whole world when youre around the one you love.

So I wrote this love song to my beautiful, shiny black baby grand that was a gift from my first and only Love.

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitars, Bass Jim Monahan
Piano, Synth Scott Smith
Drum Programming Brad Dawson
Backup Vocals Jim Monahan
Produced by Jim Monahan
Recorded and Mixed Brad Dawson