From the recording Why Do You Stay


Why Do You Stay?

I remember way back when, when I stood out from other men
and somehow caught your pretty sparklin eye.
Well youre still lookin mighty good,
and I know that I really should
Show a little lovin in reply.

Why do you stay?
Where would you go?
How can you be so true?
When will I know
What I should do, and
Who I can be for you?

I know I promised Id be true. Roses red and violets blue
I sure forgot the rest of that rhyme.
Now flowers stand down in the store. I dont tip my hat or hold the door.
But you still are an angel all the time.

Finally one long sober night I hit my head. I saw the light.
I see I gotta thank my lucky star.
Ill listen, try to understand, look in your eyes, and hold your hand
And treat you like the treasure that you are.

Well, I dont drive a pickup truck and I dont eat meat, but I do have a red hound dog and listen to country music when Im alone in the car.

It should be pretty clear that this is a love song, and its about my beautiful wife of 25 years.

Just for sport, I wanted to see how many questions I could fit in one chorus. Why, where, how, when, what, whotheyre called interrogative adverbs. My moms a journalist, so I was sure to look that up...but shell probably catch me on the who/whom subject/object thingy in the last lineI hope I got it right here.

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Dobro Jim Monahan
Drum Programming, Piano Scott Smith
Backup Vocals Jim Monahan
Produced by Jim Monahan
Recording Engineer Brad Dawson
Mixing Engineer Scott Luedke