1. Shining Angel

From the recording Shining Angel


Shining Angel

There I was, confined in the walls around my mind.
Going nowhere blindly down the drain.
Then your soothing tenderness cleared away the mess
that collected and was driving me insane.

Now, I wanna hold you.
Just like I told you.
I know you canbut please dont fly.
And when the cold, cold world tries telling me,theres other girls.
Im gonna hold you till I die.

Baby, youre my shining angel.
Hold me within your wings.
Maybe youll come and free me from my isolation.
Together, were gonna sing!
La la la la la

This ended up as a pretty plain vanilla happy song about a special angel in my life.

It didnt start that way. It started as a song about a septic tank.

Yeah, thats right. I had a backed up sewer on the night I moved onto my farm in Ojai, and of course we had neighbors for dinner that night. Welcome to the neighborhood.

The next day, a visitor shows up to see a friend who was staying with us. This southern gentleman from South Carolina just happened to be a licensed plumber.

This Sewer Angel fixed the problem.

But the next week, the sewer backed up again.

He was no longer my Sewer Angel.

I wrote a song about the episode. It had some raunchy lyricsa cool edge, and I played it for a group of my songwriters friends. To a person, there was an emphatic, GROSS!

So I cleaned up the lyrics, changed the title, and whats left is La la la la la.

Written and sung by Smitty West
Guitars, Bass Jim Monahan
Drums Larry Aberman
Piano and Synth Scott Smith
Backup Vocals Jim Monahan
Produced by Jim Monahan
Scott Luedke
Recording Engineer Brad Dawson
Mixing Engineer Scott Luedke