"Sandman" chosen as Indie Rock Top Ten!

The biting lyrical commentary in Smitty West's tirade at ignorance and prejudice in his song "Sandman" has led to a listing in The 'Top 10' in Indie Rock at a leading review site. Each month, Music Critic Mike Cameo publishes the top ten Independent music songs....In his words, "The Top 10 represents what we consider the best Independent Music sites available for artists and bands. These are sites that have a great standing with Indie musicians and do well in tracking who's being listened to, allowing these sites to create and maintain "charts". These charts are what we use to create the Indies' Top 10 shows, bringing you the best artists from these charts including news and exclusive interviews." The Top ten is not solicited music, rather a gathering of the top songs from the leading independent sites. "Sandman," by virtue of its list-topping performance on SongPlanet.com, received the honors of the presence on the August Top-10. You can hear Sandman and the other 9 songs at http://www.indiestop10.com/

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