1. Sandman

From the recording Sandman



Screaming in your wasteland.
Praying to an oil can.
Youre working such a bad plan.
With a sad hand.
In a dead land.
Why cant you try and understand?

Screaming out loud, but the world dont hear ya.
The only one that gives a damn is al jazeerah.
You dug yourself a hole, you bow and cower.
Your hiding days were over when you flew into the tower.

Sittin down with OPEC, its a price alert
cause your suckin black gold from the burnin dirt.
I dont think its what the prophet had in mind:
Bowing every day to the Exxon sign.

Open your eyes. Take off that sheet
You aint going nowhere treating women like meat.
Spend a million dollars on a western blond.
I hate to be the one to tell you, you got it wrong!

You look just like his brother, you play the old game.
Didnt know to hate him till you heard his name.
Nothin for the fellow but the sole of your shoe. And now..
you gotta get in line to take a slap at a Jew.



I have a pretty good dose of Middle Eastern blood in me, as both of my maternal grandparents were Lebanese. I have visited Lebanon several times and have never experienced anything like the hospitality there.

I firmly believe that people are the same everywhere. I also believe that people are different everywhere. The Sandman in my song isnt any man in particular; rather represents tribalism, greed, misogyny, and religious intolerance.