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Smitty West: Photos

Smitty with MAVRIC award, 2008 Song Of the Year, Comedy
Smitty Onstage at the MAVRIC awards
NABATIEH, LEBANON  December 2008.  Here I am in full protective gear in Southern Lebanon. In the background, some brave guys from the Lebanese Army are clearing cluster bombs from an olive orchard. On the horizon is the Israeli border.
Betsy and I have a silly habit of posing ala "American Gothic" for a picture when we travel. Here is a barely tasteful pose of us with landmine clearance equipment. These are the two most important tools of a deminer:  Trimmers and Bayonet point
Smitty's Cover Photo for "Your World"
Euterpe Farms....Smitty's inspiration...
My eyes are shut because of the flies! Of course the Santa Barbara crowd was sure I was mesmorized by their coolness.
Me and Julija and lots of little flies.
This poster, was taken by Betsy while I was composing "Sequoia." I'm standing on a 100 year-old Sequoia stump in Sequoia National Forest. If you want a poster, let me know. I have about 40 trillion of them.
I'm in Zircon Skye Studios here in Ojai. A bunch of Grammy's have happened in this exact spot. We'll see!
This is cool.  Maybe.
This is at the Bud Light Music Stage at the Ventura County Fair. I'm playing with Myridian can tell by the earplugs!  My ears are still ringing from those days.
People think it's cool the way my hands and the keyboard can be seen on this a Liberace thing where he has a mirror to show the intricate handwork.  Actually, this cheap piece of plexiglass is a makeshift music stand!
I'm camping in Baja and writing "Baja Dream" here on my Martin Backpacker guitar. Thanks to Ernie for snapping the shot.
Myridian at RockFest!  We're still a band...just haven't been playing.
Surfing in Sayulita!  This was a wee back in time!
I'm wearing a little blue laser beam on my pinkie.  I have no idea why.
This is the photo on the back of my cd. My photographer (Paul Weaver) shot me in a white shirt so I could put the song tracks on top of it. Smart.
I think I was dehydrated after a long hike above Ojai when I snapped this of myself.