1. Wasilla Girl

From the recording Wasilla Girl


Wasilla Girl
The Sarah-Dippity Singers

Wasilla Girl
The Sarah-Dippity Singers

drill baby, drill…drill baby, drill........ look up in the North. It’s Wasilla Girl!

Look at those glasses
Check out that hair
Everybody’s getting a bridge to nowhere
Got a soothing voice
She’s a Hockey Mom
Trigger finger on the button of a “nucular” bomb ……NO!

A beauty queen
Mother of five
Absolutely qualified
So America has pitched a tent
For the pretty Armageddon vice-president

Wasilla Girl, USA
You’re just one heartbeat away
So America better hope and pray
Gramps will live another day

Iraq War…task of God
He’s still my guy…ol’ husband Todd
She can see Russia from her front yard
Commander and chief of the National Guard

So Barracuda…next in line
Praying for the end of time
If he dies before he wakes
God help us all in the United States