Persistent Vegetative State Blues
Smitty West 2009

I’m persistent.
I’m insistent.
I’m in a continual, permanent, protracted, unending mood.

I can’t see no silver lining
‘cause I got these persistent blues.

I’m vegetative.
Potatoed, tomatoed.
I’m a carrot, zucchini, spinach linguine… I feel like a food.

I can’t get me a rib eye.
And that’s why I sing the vegetative blues.

Well, I’m in a state.
And I’m lying in wait.
I would demodulate to a section eight if I got to choose.

But I sure don’t call the shots round here.
That’s why I got these sorry state blues.

I’m persistent.
I’m vegetative.
And I’m in a state…nearing the end of a mighty long fuse.

I sit here in my lonely coma.
‘cause I got the Persistant Vegetative State Blues.